Mumbracity.com was launched in 2008 and initially was a humble effort to serve the local community and to do a little bit on my part for the place where I live.

Mumbra has always been in the news for the wrong reasons and has been portrayed as backward area with a Muslim majority. The real picture of Mumbra and spirit of Mumbraities lies buried under the false Presentation and interpretation of the Media. It was then decided that we needed a common platform where each and every person can make his voice heard and unit to gather for the only cause of making Mumbra a better place.

Mumbracity.com has grown out of its initial mold to become the only site on Mumbra which provides a wholesome and full information on Mumbra. No doubt Mumbracity.com has become a part and parcel of the daily itinerary of Mumbraities in Mumbra and across the world.

We, at Mumbracity.com would like all mumbraities to connect socialize through this site and inspire a change in the community.

The ever-increasing viewer ship has opened wide vistas for growth to Mumbracity.com. As a result of this indulgence of our visitors, we are striving hard to make this site informative, educative and entertaining from the comment and suggestion received from the visitors.

Our intention here is community service therefore we provide you the platform , to communicate, to unite, to be heard, to help, to love, to point out, to change, to grow, to socialize, to give, to inspire a change and finally to make a difference.